Don´t forget your camera, because you will use it!!

How this adventure begun?

In recent days, determined to have a day full of rest, I decided to go to one of the beaches of our fabulous destination of Cabo. It was a sunny day, with a deep blue sea, and there were very few people on the beach, the day was perfect. Without realizing it, while admiring the sea listening to some music, I could see a shadow moving through the waves, every moment was closer and closer.

I never thought to see such an incredible shadow in my life.

Seeing in more detail I realized that the shadow had an oval shape and had fins. After a few minutes, this shadow became a beautiful sea turtle, that with much effort, was taking step towards the beach. But I wondered what a sea turtle was doing here? It was a few moments before my surprise turned into wonder. Step by step, the sea turtle went deeper into the beach, and a few yards from where it was resting, it simply stopped and began digging with its fins.

A true lesson in perseverance and life.

With much patience, she began to dig and dig, until she managed to make a frog on the beach, and simply settled down. After a few minutes, I could see the pain that was causing she to lay his eggs, as her eyes filled with tears, which I must confess that I filled with tenderness and a couple of tears came out of my eyes.
After about 40 minutes later, she simply began to cover his nest, and filling it with sand, she simply began to use her shell as a planer to leave it with a seal.
With great effort, the sea turtle began, step by step to approach the sea. Meanwhile, a specialist who also saw every moment of this incredible journey, opened the nest and carefully put egg to egg in a container, to take them to an incubator, and ensure that a baby turtle is born of each egg in at least 45 days after, and when the time comes, every baby tortoise is naturally released into the sea and begin their life.

This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I thank you for accompanying me on it.

Beyond your visit to Cabo:

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