On May 26 and 27, took place in Cancun the 11th edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey but, do you know what Sacred Mayan Journey is?

The Sacred Mayan Journey is one of the oldest Mayan traditions, where the Mayans braved the ocean on their canoes and crossed from Xcaret (Polé) to Cozumel (Chankanaab) to worship the goddess Ixchel.


Ixchel is the Maya goddess of fertility and healing. “Ix” means goddess of the feminine. “Chel” means rainbow or light. In other words, she is the goddess of the rainbow and Lady of Sacred Light.

Goddess Ixchel representation in the sacred Mayan journey
Goddess Ixchel representation in the sacred Mayan journey


On the first day of the journey, the attendees could witness rites, dances and of course, bid farewell to the 300 travelers who make the journey to Cozumel.

The average time paddling is six hours, sometimes the time can be extended up to 12 hours depending on the weather.

At Cozumel, the pilgrims are welcomed with incense and dances while the representative of each villa present offers to the Goddess Ixchel and wait for the message she has for them.

Sacred Mayan Journey arrival to Cozumel
Sacred Mayan Journey arrival to Cozumel

At night, the canoers participate in a spiritual retreat prepared for them only, to give them a spiritual and mental rest.

At the next morning, the canoers start the paddling back to the port of Polé (Xcaret), taking with them the message and the promise of fertility, well being, and continuity of life.


Anyone can participate as a pilgrim, but a six-month preparation is needed previous the recreation: physical training, navigation basics, learn to work as a team, overcoming fears and learning to face adversities are critical subjects, so they don’t put on risk their integrity or the integrity of the team.

Canoers completing the

Every pilgrim has its reasons to make the journey, some of them go just for the adventure, others for the challenge that represents.

If you will come to Cancun during the last weeks of May, don’t miss the chance to farewell the brave canoers, or you dare to be part of the pilgrims?

Travesía Sagrada Maya. From Bicho Studio.



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