I had the chance to go to Wirikuta Park to presence the show that is presented every Wednesday Night. I had read and heard a lot of reviews about the amazing, exquisite and unique that the show is, I was doubtful but, let me tell you this:

wirikuta show los cabos
Peyote Ritual representation by @KawiterosGame.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”y1ECV” via=”no”]”There are not flattery enough for describing The Wirikuta Show. Is not just a night show, is a whole experience.”
by @clubsolaris[/ctt]

Wirikuta Show is an outdoor experience that is beyond what has been done in Cabo until today.

This show takes you trough a magical journey with the Huichol culture and one of their ancient rituals, which consist of going to Wirikuta in a hunt for the sacred plant of peyote, and share among the people who assist to the ritual to heal the spirit.

A mix of ancestral Huichol dances, contemporary choreographies, and impressive 3D mapping technologies that will hypnotize you during about 2 hours.

But before of being mesmerized by this incredible show, the whole experience starts at the gates of Wirikuta Garden.

Huichol Villa Entrace at Wirikuta Show Pic. by @theholeenchilada

The Experience

We were greeted by the Shaman and Huicholes of the village, there we could learn more about their culture and the masterpieces created by the Huichol artisans, which are a form of connection with other reality.

After learn and being familiarized a bit with this fascinating culture, the bar opened, and the mingle started to grow, some people stayed at the bar chatting, I rather preferred to go back and chat with the Shaman of the villa.

huichol Villa at Wirikuta Show
Huichol Villa

After a while dinner was offered. An excellent variety of traditional Mexican Food on the buffet: Mole, Pastor Tacos, Chile Relleno, and more, no forgetting the traditional desserts and candies.

Once the dinner is over, we were escorted to our seating. The place is well distributed so you can have an excellent view from any spot you choose.

Wirikuta Show Experience Pic. by @theholeenchilada

When the magic starts, all the surroundings become part of the show, and a particular time, it seems to disappear. The attention is focused on the action, the two-hour show elapsed in a glimpse.

After the Show, the people around and I felt full of energy.

Highly recommend you to make space in your vacation schedule to be part of this unique experience that marks a new age of entertainment in Cabo.



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