Are you visiting Mexico for fist time? Then you are about to get Real Mexican Tacos, and I am talking about “real Mexican” not the ones you get at Taco Bell at 3:00 am!

When visiting Mexico, It is crucial for you to know the basics about tacos, if you want to become a Taco Expert, you must know not all the tacos are created equal! (yes, I am talking to you hard shelled tacos. no offense involved.)

First of all, A Real Mexican taco is made with corn tortilla stuffed with meat and spiced with salsa, lime, coriander, and chopped onion, but hey! You are in Mexico!, we stuff tacos with almost everything you can imagine, but we will talk about it later, first things first.

Become a Mexican Taco Expert

The Size Does Matter:

It is important to highlight that the tortilla may vary between a palm or a half-palmed sized tortilla, a palm-sized tortilla comes in orders up to three tacos, and the smaller tortilla is usually five tacos the order, This, of course, depends on the place where you stop to get your tacos.


The Challenges:

One inconvenience you will face while eating soft tacos (if you are a newbie) is that the tortilla breaks and finding yourself holding a piece of tortilla instead of a taco, but no worries! You can ask your taquero (the hero that makes you the tacos) or the waitress, for a “taco con copia” which means a taco with a copy, I mean, a taco with a second tortilla. Yes I know, it sounds kind of weird. When you rethink the possibility of the backup everything makes sense; If one tortilla breaks the second one will hold the mess, if the taco is excessively stuffed, you can copy it and split your taco into two tacos with one tortilla each, nice isn’t it?

Mexican Taco Expert

Ok, Once you contained the mess, you need to take care of the next possible emergency: The fearsome Salsa. Every taqueria in Mexico has at least two kinds of salsas: red and green. The main difference is the Tomato or green chile involved in the recipe, but the spiciness can be the same, so if you dare, taste them carefully because they can make you sweat, cry a bit or in the worst case, regret your choice.

The best-kept secret:

I will share the secret of eating tacos like a Real Mexican: Pinky Finger up! You heard right, the secret of being stain free is the way you hold your taco. The expert way is the following: Hold your taco with your thumb, index and middle finger and slowly lift it in a parallel way to the plate. Don’t squeeze too tight because the tortilla might break or the stuff would come out. The important here is to lift your pinky finger at the time that you are giving your taco a big bite, so this way your hands and clothes stay clean.

Real Mexican al pastor Tacos
Al Pastor Mexican tacos

The variety

As I explained you at the beginning of this post, a taco can be with almost everything you could imagine, A chilaquiles taco? You got it! Grasshopper Taco? Sure, why not, are delicious by the way.! There is an almost infinite list of elements that a taco can take, and also depends on the region of Mexico you are, is not the same a fish taco in Los Cabos that a fish taco in Cancun, both are delicious, although.

So, Long story short: here is the essential list of Mexican tacos, so you get the real taco experience:

  • Taco al Pastor – This is one of the most traditional in Mexico, easily identified by the orange kebab and the pineapple at the top.
  • Tacos de Pescado – Fish tacos more traditionally from the Baja.
  • Tacos de Carnitas – Pork tacos, the best ones are from Michoacan or Jalisco. (We have some good representatives all over the country)
  • Tacos de Cochinita (also my favorite!) – a Traditional dish from Mayan Land.
  • Tacos de Barbacoa – Famous one’s in the state of Hidalgo, the best breakfast option after a tequila Vs. Mezcal night, trust me!
  • Tacos de Canasta – these are incredible! Identify them quickly, just look for someone on a bike with a big basketing.

Trying this six variety of tacos you would have tasted the most typical tacos from all Mexico but, there is much more to taste! So you are more than invited to try every different Mexican taco crosses your path while you are in Mexico and become a Mexican Taco Expert “Buen Provecho Amigo!”



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