Months ago a friend of mine, Ann from Canada came to visit me to México; it was her first time here. Of course, we needed to go out to celebrate! I offered a Mezcal to toast for her arrival, to which she gladly answered: – Yes! I love Tequila! (yes, you know what i thought at that exact moment), I turned around and she noticed the question mark that seemed to sprout from my forehead, – What? it’s the same! – she said. I poured two drinks: One of Mezcal and One of Tequila and sat with her to make a Tequila vs Mezcal stand off.

I had to explain her the differences between Mezcal and Tequila while we tasted them. What’s the point of this story? Long story short: “Don’t be Ann While visiting Mexico!”

Let me give you some interesting facts that you can use to brag about your expertise in Mexican spirits with your family or pals when coming down to Mexico.

Tequila vs Mezcal Fact 1: Did you know that Tequila and Mezcal are brothers in law?

tequila vs mezcal know the difference brothers in law

Well… yes they are! Both are prepared from Agave Plant, but from different species, Tequila is made from Blue Agave (agave Azul) and Mezcal is made from any agave that is within the zone of denomination “Origin mezcal” (Oaxaca, Mex).

Check this out: Tequila is not 100% pure Agave, up to 49% of additional chemicals are accepted to be considered a good tequila, and by the other hand, Mezcal is completely artisanal, no chemicals added. Both of them have 3 different classifications: You can ask for “Blanco” (white), which is aged no more than 2 months (Tip: For Mezcal this is the best stage because the essence of the Agave prevails in the taste and aroma, also the max amount of time you can be away from Solaris). You can also ask for a “Reposado” which is aged between 2 months and a year, this time changes its color to a light yellow. and the last stage of aged is “Añejo” which has from 1 to 3 years in the barrels. (Tip: this is the best Tequila since it has a smoother and neutral taste).

A very important detail to take care of while showing off your expertise is the way you drink it, remember, as brothers, they have different characters, Tequila is very neutral taste, while Mezcal is very strong and aromatic, so they have to be paired differently (don’t say i didn’t warn you).

Tequila vs Mezcal Fact 2: Mezcal Hates Lemons

tequila vs mezcal know the difference no lemon on mezcal

Please, please! don’t pair your Mezcal with lemon, or do it at your own risk and taste by yourself how it “kills” most of the flavors and aromas. The best pairing for Mezcal is a combination of orange slices and edible worm salt, but wait! not so fast, when you try Mezcal, take your first sip slowly and without any pairing, let your taste buds and palate get used to the aftertaste and enjoy it, smell it, know it. On your second (third, fourth or fifth…) Mezcal, pair it with the orange slice and the worm salt. you will be amazed by the balance of flavors, trust me, you will never forget that taste.  for last but not least, the toast: in Mexico, we have an ancient proverb: “Para todo mal Mezcal, Para todo bien, También” (For all the bad, Mezcal, For all good, too).

tequila vs mezcal know the difference hidalgo styleLesson two: Tequila! this spirit is more relaxed and is not rocket science,  you can take it straight, “Hidalgo style” (all the drink at once) or in this case, paired. Now is time for lemon and salt to jump into the scene as one of the two of three best friends of Tequila, what’s the third? Beer! Lager or Ale is your choice. Toss some salt on your lemon slice, squizz it on your mouth and swallow, take one sip of Tequila and one of Beer. The freshness of this combination is ideal for warm days but be careful,  can be strong (or drunk?)  if you disrespect this delicious combination as happened to Ann who still remembers the excess with a headache and a smile of regret in her face. Needless to say, all the excess are wrong and bad for your body.

Now you are the expert among your friends talking about Tequila vs Mezcal. The only thing left is to invite them to one of our Solaris Resorts to try this spirits while you show your expertise.

There is much more to talk about this brotherhood,  promise you I’ll write about. just be patient, in the meantime, what would you like to drink? Mezcal or Tequila? Let us know below with a comment.



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