Isla Blanca Cancun Kite Festival  

As Every year, in the last days of February (25 and 26), the beautiful morning sky of Isla Blanca in Cancun is was painted by brilliant and colorful kites because of the 9th Edition of the Isla Blanca Kites Festival which has the slogan: “Reasons to Fly“, The main purpose of this free event is to gather and share a good time with the community of Cancun and at the same time, raise funds to help the Children, Teenagers, and Woman in vulnerable condition living at Cancun Pro Kids.

By the way… Do you know how to say kite in Spanish? it’s called “papalote“, it comes from the Nahuatl language “Papalotl” which means butterfly, and it is precisely this ancestral symbol that is used to celebrate this festival and the cause that represents, interesting isn’t?

The event started at 11:00 in the morning and the entrance is for free so anyone can enjoy the perfect weather conditions allowed the attendees enjoy different activities such as kite boarding demonstrations, funny games for kids, play with giant soup bubbles and of course, the giant kites with different animal forms.

The main attractive of the event was the kite contest, which is completely open, and must use only recycled and biodegradable materials. is not a contest in all the extension of the word, but the most outstanding kites got a recognition.

During the event, all person who has not a kite to fly has the option to get one at an affordable price and help the cause. The Touristic Board of Cancun expects this event become more international, and it’s planned to do a similar event on April 30th of this year as part of the Children’s Day Festival in Puerto Morelos (to confirm).

So the next time you come to Cancun, check out with your personal concierge, he or she probably will know if a Kite Festival is near during your stay.